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The EDILIC association supports its members! As part of its policy of development and support for its members, the EDILIC association will offer up to 5 scholarships, for a maximum amount of 200 Euros each to support the participation of delegates whose papers have been accepted at the 8th EDILIC Congress held in Lisbon from 11 to 13 July 2019.

EDILIC members can apply for scholarships in one of the following three categories:

  1. long-term members of the EDILIC association (as a continuous member for at least 5 years, i.e. since 2014) (2 scholarships are available)
  2. student members of the EDILIC association. The graduation must not be effective before the end of the congress. Proof of their student status must be attached to the application with a letter of support from the professor concerned. (2 scholarships are available)
  3. EDILIC members residing in one of the countries designated by the European Association for Educational Research as low GDP countries and other countries, as indicated in the extended list below (see the information sheet on the countries concerned) (1 scholarship is available).

For more information, please see the page Stipendium.

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